Making Lemonade.

There are a few reasons for my timely departure to Paris last Spring, but the number one is and always will be, well.. number one. You know what they say, “if nothing changes, nothing changes”. So I decided to make the move for some drastic change in my life and have been trying to live it as fully as I can. Vraiment


My work has always been somewhere in the realms of health, service, and support (with a little sprinkling of coaching). I worked as bodyworker for a number of years, which was an adventure in itself. I tried to fit into a regulated structure and I burnt out. It was throughout this time that I decided to try my hand at painting. It quickly proved to be valuable for self-exploration, coupled with writing of course.


Whenever I felt that life was weighing a little heavy.. Where all else fails, creative endeavour prevails.   




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