The Writing on the Wall

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On the wall today :

It has been a little bit challenging, hasn’t it. When I feel myself being engulfed into a black hole, I ask for guidance and try to open my eyes a little wider.

This afternoon, I spotted a sweet, very dark moth resting on the bathroom wall. Despite my entering and exiting the room so many times to use the sink (noted, it’s very high humidity today.. is that a Parisian winter I feel coming on ?), he remained un-phased.

Each time I turned on the lights, he stay resting in the same spot.

And so in true Kutenai-style, I decided to look for a description of the animal totem.

Today’s presence felt significant and so I wanted to share:

“[the moth] A symbol of change or moving towards the light. 

Seeking knowledge, love, and happiness.”

 Garth C. Clifford

Something very nice, indeed. 


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