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Where do I begin.. 

I’ve been attempting / trying / failing to get some semblance of a blog off the ground for a very long time, though I’ve never been completely satisfied with the results. If the past year has carved out permanent space for any idea in my mind, it’s that perfection truly is the enemy of progress, so.. here we go again ! 

This blog may be the reboot that nobody asked for, but that really doesn’t matter because I’ve decided… It’s for me. If you derive pleasure or benefit from it, then welcome to the inner circle, I’m glad that you’re here. 🙂

I have been very fortunate over the last couple of years to be on a kind of personal quest. After a radical shift in my working life, I stepped onto a creative path with a trajectory into the abyss. It has been exhilarating, uncertain, and ultimately testing of my patience and faculties. 

The rewards have been (literally) very colourful.

My “storming of the Bastille” moment came when I decidedly moved abroad, choosing to turn the page and close a formative chapter of my life. I challenged myself to try my hand at creating not only a cohesive portfolio, but a new reality for my everyday. And the experience has been charmed, though not easy. 

What I have been wanting to create for some time is a place to document all of the behind the scenes work that goes into my many projects. I admit that I am somewhat of an attention-deficit butterfly when it comes to “ sticking it out ”, but as I get older it’s becoming easier to accept myself as I am. 

It’s also becoming clear that I (like most people) do not fit into the nice little box that social construct provides. The remedy, I believe, is and always will be art

As for what to expect to see here, I’ve concluded that there are different aspects (let’s call them les étages) to my creative process that I would like to unpack in this space:

  1. Project Ideas

Everything inspiration, fascination, and curiosity. The mere inclination to attempt to create something. All of the planning and brainstorming that goes on before realization. Conceptualization in it’s entirety

2. Projects in-Progress

Progress reports, successes and failures. Showcases of “how that thing worked out” (or didn’t). Hitting road blocks and troubleshooting a way through, over or around them. Creative process as it unfolds. 

3. Show and Tell

The finished product that you see hanging on the wall. Probably some free downloads because what’s the point of creating something if it can’t to be accessible, shared for the
enjoyment of all ? 

Alright. That’s enough from me.

Thanks for being here and if you’ve read this far, for reading this far. I’m off to Montmarte to rummage the fabric bargain bins of Marché Saint-Pierre, like the packrat that I am.

Maybe just maybe.. I’ll find something interesting to share with the class.. 🙂


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