Hindsight is 2020

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Hello to 2021 and goodbye to.. whatever that was.

Despite its many unusual challenges, 2020 was a very creative and incredibly productive year on this end. I’m not entirely sure where to begin, so I thought I’d start with, you know.. a quick website rebranding and a little narrowing-in on what it is that I’m doing here exactly.. You might see this change over time as I’m trying to get clearer on “the bigger picture”, so enjoy ! 

Now, I know that I’m notoriously bad for scattering my energies and going in 100 different directions, but I just want to do everything. It’s not my fault. I have a lot of ideas. What you see here is my honest and concerted effort to focus in and I have no clue what the results are going to be (Spoiler alert: you might actually see a series unfold). 

I realize that the last time that I wrote I was on the Northwest coast of Italy, soaking up sea-spray and sunshine and I distinctly remember thinking that it was my little adventures that I needed to be documenting here. The train trips, the Peronis.. Of course after returning to Paris, it was a hard no with another lockdown taking place. Well, so much for that..

And with a third one coming up fast, I had to take a moment and rethink my focus a little bit. 

One glorious outcome of these lockdowns has been that with nothing else to do and nowhere else to go, all there has been to do is stay in and create. No complaints as this is what I’ve concocting excuses to tell people in order to do for years. (“Sorry, I’m not really feeling well” was one of my favourites).

During this time, I realized very quickly that staying couch-confined and glued to the news cycle was giving me headaches, making me feel agitated, and all but destroying any internal sense of peace. On the contrary, picking up a paintbrush made me feel that everything was in its right place and that what I was seeing transpire was a) a very limited version reality and b) not particularly important in the grand scheme of things. 

One or two 6-hour-long sessions of painting to Chopin gave me some important insights and more importantly, perspective.

So back to the top. I’m going to keep making things and just share the whole process here. I think that was the original plan anyways. 

Let’s just go with that and see what unfolds, shall we ? 


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