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Oh heeey, it’s been a while.. What’s new with you since the world order started collapsing ? I hope that despite any recent challenges or tensions, you have been generally happy and in good health. Life is a strange dance sometimes, but I suppose.. when you dip, I dip, we dip. We’re all in this chaotic mess together. 

I’m writing to you from a cliff-side villa in Sori, overlooking the lush coastline along the Ligurian sea. I suppose that I’m facing.. north ? Though my sense of direction has always been predictably poor. I came here by train from Paris two days ago, at the invitation of a friend who has been staying in this place for the past month. It’s incredible. Full stop. In another three days we have another friend coming to join us in the villa and the excitement is beginning to mount, even as we spend our days in a relatively calm and mellow state.

This last two months has been a whirlwind of project developments for me and I’m relieved to have this entire week to just relax and unwind without any deadlines or to-do’s. So far today, I… Oh yes. I ate focaccia. Then I took a nap. This is the kind of productivity I need right now. 

Although I decided now might be a good time to sit down and revisit my all-too-frequently-deserted-then-rediscovered website and to maybe take some time to give it its 6-month check-up with some fresh eyes. I really would like to see this blog function. It’s not that I don’t write enough; I’m writing most every day and I have folders full of journal entries. I just don’t like to share because I abhor disorganization. 

The friend that I’m visiting with is an avid wordsmith, so it’s easy to find excuses to go write. We seem to be on the same page. Beach. Wander. Espresso. Prose. Repeat. 

We tried to revisit a sea-side café that we went to on Monday morning when I first arrived in Sori, to sit down and write over a couple rounds of 1€ espresso but alas, the place was closed. Though really, why would you want to be open on a Tuesday if you don’t have to be ? This place like so many other coastal communes (or just the entirety of Italy), seems to operate entirely based on the weather that day. If the sun ain’t shining, the beaches are empty and the businesses are closed. 

But no complaints from me. I’m loving the pace. The temperature here has been comfortable and there are still bouts of sunshine, despite the forecast being a yellow alert for thunderstorms this entire week.. The lighting is prime for moody photography and the next couple of days will likely involve beach-combing with a camera and wandering the coast-line, looking for new and interesting places to write. 

But now, it’s nap time. Ciao.


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